Dealing with Pressure

Pressure, the something that we constantly face in life. It’s with that people display their star qualities. It’s been said that the good gets better in the face of pressure, while the weak will falter. That being said, when one gets better at something, the pressure gets greater.

To lead, you have to accept the pressure.

Like what they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Instead of treating pressure as a form of stress, from another perspective, it has its purpose in our lives. It serves to motivate us and push us to our limits.

” You will have off days, you will be judged harshly, but pressure is a privilege. It means people believe that You are much better than everyone else. And you have to manage it.”

How true is that. Pressure derives from people’s expectations of us. That’s why the stars in the sporting world are expected to perform everytime they compete. Without pressure, they’ll just be resting on their laurels. An important point to note that no matter how good we are, we have our off days. We are afterall only human. But that’s not an excuse for mediocrity.

Pressure is by no means harmful to us, in fact it is beneficial. It’s just coping with it. Therefore, in the face of pressure, step it up or falter. Do or die trying. I rather fail then ponder about what if’s. 

“We are all human. It hurts, but then there’s pride. You want to prove your ability, not to anyone else, but yourself.”  — Anil Kumbler


Current Standing in the Gym

In case you guys didn’t know, in addition to my martial arts training, I hit the gym too. The thinking that weight lifting makes one slow is outdated. MMA artists today lift weights, and are stronger and faster than they were before. For me, gym work had nothing to do with aesthetics. Its all about building strength and power. I only do compound exercises, powerlifting style.

As of now my big 3 stands at,

Bench Press — 55kg, 5×5

Squat — 75kg, 5×5

Deadlift — 95kg, 5×5

Deadlift is my all time fav exercise. I’ve to mention that its more than 1.5x my bodyweight is. You can guess my weight from there.

Here’s a couple of vids of when I restarted going back to the gym. Which is less than 2 months ago.

Squatting 60kg back then

Deadlifting 60kg back then

Hitting The Mats After A Long While

Feels good to be finally back training Judo. All the hard training in the gym was meant for this. I never believed in training for the sake of training. Every thing is done for a purpose.

Anyway, today’s training wasn’t that tough. Initial part was perhaps a lil hard. Doing Uchikomi and 50pushups. For like 3 sets. Killer part was perhaps the Sprints. Sprinted up and down 4x doing a pushup each time I went up. All was supposed to be done under a minute. Crazy shit. Did 3 sets of that. Legs were screaming after that. Lungs were burning. Almost puked. Note to self : Train muscle endurance for legs too. After that it was technique training.

After training, did some Kumi Kata with Kenneth. He’s still as strong as ever, but I feel my strength has come up a lil. Still getting my ass kicked though. Did some Newaza with Valmond. I feel my increased strength helped me on the ground. Was able to keep him on his back. Still having difficulty passing his guard, can only get to half guard. Gotta be that much quicker. The strength indeed comes in handy. It’s much easier to lift people now like for example Seoi Nage.

This is what Seoi Nage looks like. I’m a bigger fan of it now. Didn’t really like it in the past. Though I’ll still stick with Harai goshi.